Training Facilities

Pacific Northwest and Elsewhere:

Paladin Services LLC

141-F Pelham Dr.
PMB 254
Columbia, SC 29209
(803) 783-0590

For those of you who live in South Carolina, North Carolina,  Florida, or Georgia please contact Joe and Janet Katz for CWP and personal protection classes for group or individual training.  This husband and wife team comes highly recommended by Lightning Arms Sports.


National Rifle Association

Regardless of your politics, this organization is worthy of your review as their mission is to protect your 2nd Amendment rights. Lightning Arms Sports encourages all gun owners, men and women alike, who are not already members to join this organization immediately.


1911 Forum


World Famous Master Gunsmith
Actions By 'T'
Teddy Jacobson
16315 Redwood Forest Ct
Sugar Land, Texas 77498
Teddy Jacobsen gun parts

Lightning Arms Sports highly recommends Teddy Jacobson. You will not find a more forthright individual of high integrity and no “BS”.